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Advisory Board

What is the role of the advisory board?

 The role of the board is to:

* help and advise those responsible for running the centre

* ensure that the centre is clear about the views of parents

* play and active role in driving improvement and be involved in the centre


Ofsted inspection Ofsted inspection framework for children’s centres (2013) evaluation schedule states that:

* Governance arrangements are well embedded, provide effective challenge and are demonstrably driving      the centre’s continuous improvement.


Members of the advisory board are not accountable for the operation of the centre but offer advice, challenge and support to those running it to ensure the effective delivery of the children’s centre core purpose. Within the children’s centre Ofsted inspection framework specific judgements will be made about the effectiveness of the advisory board as part of the governance and decision making arrangements for the centre.  


The role of the advisory board to provide effective challenge and play a role in driving improvement.


Advisory board meetings are the ideal opportunity for the board to ensure that the centre and its partners are improving outcomes for children in the reach area, particularly those from target groups, and that decisions taken regarding priorities and service delivery are robust and address areas for improvement.